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    You may sometimes wonder if organic products are actually better than non-organic products. Organic means that the food is grown without chemicals, such as fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides. It already sounds better, right? For more information, check out the list of benefits below to see why organic is better.

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    Risk of chemical contamination – The majority of crops grown in the United States are applied with pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and fungicides. Therefore, toxic chemicals can be found on your fruit and vegetables. The Environmental Protection Agency states that 60% of herbicides, 90% of fungicides, and 30% of insecticides are carcinogenic. Furthermore, the chemicals used on crops are contaminating our water sources. Princeton University affirms that the drinking water of over 14 million Americans has been affected by chemical residues. This is the main reason why organic is better.

    Environmental Benefits – The chemicals used on food do not only affect human health, they also affect the environment as well. According to Princeton University, only 1% of pesticides used on crops actually work on the pests they target. The other 99% of the chemicals escape into the environment. This leads to soil contamination and groundwater changes that put wildlife in danger. In addition, Princeton University states that the pesticides used on common crops such as fruit, corn, cotton, soybeans, and tobacco are extremely toxic to birds, mammals, and fish. Many animals are now endangered after ingesting the toxics from crops. Growing crops organically stops these risks to our environment and wildlife and provides healthier and more natural crops. Organic agriculture uses methods such as crop rotation, natural soil enrichment, and pest predators, which are clear answers to why organic is better.

    Taste While taste is subjective, surveys show that people prefer the taste of organic products versus non-organic products.

    Make sure your herb garden is organic, so you can enjoy the health benefits that can only come with organic gardening practices. Check out the Gardening e-book bundle below to get you started!

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    Why Organic is Better Infographic

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