• Wellness Benefits of Raw Honey

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    Raw honey is the unprocessed honey that contains all of the healthy vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that is normally removed from processed honey. Also, it doesn’t look the same as the normal, slimy, yellow honey that we usually see. It still comes with the pollen and chunks of the honeycomb in it, so it will be chunky and it kind of looks like applesauce. It can be used in many herbal products and it provides many health and wellness benefits.

    Health & Wellness Benefits of Raw Honey

    Wellness Benefits of Raw Honey photo Promotes Good Bacteria

    With the bad must come the good and with bad bacteria comes good bacteria. Good bacteria actually lives in our bodies, and it is necessary for intestinal and digestive health. Good bacteria also helps our bodies manage calories and it helps fight the bad bacteria.

    Repairs Wounds

    Wounds, unfortunately, come upon our skin, but lo and behold, honey is here to help. This natural remedy has antibacterial nutrients that can heal your wound. You can apply a thin layer directly on the wound, and it will be able to heal properly with very little scabbing or scarring. Not only that, it moisturizes the skin, which causes the skin to rejuvenate. Try using honey on eczema, minor acne, canker sores, burns, or bleeding gums.

    Treats Allergies

    If the honey you are purchasing is made locally to you, it has the power to help relieve seasonal allergies. This is because it contains the pollens that are near you, and acts as a vaccine, tricking your immune system to kick into gear. Honey also allows you to grow a strong immune system from the high amount of antioxidants it contains, which also helps treat allergies.

    Additional Health Benefits

    There are many additional health benefits that raw honey provides. For example, it can help maintain a healthy heart and lower blood sugar levels. It heals sore throats. Eating honey is like swallowing a multivitamin on steroids because it contains so many nutrients. Plus, substituting sugar with honey can potentially help you lose weight.

    Honey can also be used to make shaving cream – click here for a recipe!

    It’s great in iced tea – Try these herbal tea recipes!

    Wellness Benefits of Raw Honey Infographic




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