• The Best Supplements for Women

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    Supplements are an excellent way to give your body the essential vitamins and nutrients it might be missing. There are a variety of supplements recommended specially for women, because as reported by Women’s Health Magazine, women need certain nutrients that their bodies do not make to function properly. While the best source of vital nutrients is food, it is difficult to track and follow a completely balanced diet.

    Ladies, if you feel like you are not receiving the proper nutrients in your diet, or if you are running the risk of a vitamin or mineral deficiency, talk to your doctor about the herbal supplements that might be right for you. Listed below are a few of the best vitamins and supplements for women.

    The Best Supplements for Women

    Omega-3s – Sourced from fish oil or algae, Omega-3s aid in proper brain function, improve memory, and help lower blood pressure. According to Women’s Health Magazine, research shows that omega-3s decrease inflammation and may assist in lowering the risk of diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and other joint problems. Be careful to take the recommended dosage per day, because fish oil can thin your blood.

    Calcium – As stated by Woman’s Day Magazine, women are five times more likely to develop osteoporosis than men. That’s why it is one of the best supplements for women. Calcium ensures that your bones and teeth stay strong and helps your muscles and blood vessels contract and expand. Calcium can be weakened in your body by dark-colored sodas, alcohol, acidic foods, meats, and coffee. You can read more about keeping your bones strong here.

    Vitamin D – Women’s Day Magazine asserts that it is nearly impossible to get the necessary amount of Vitamin D from food, and most of us do not get enough sun exposure to get it that way. This powerful vitamin lessens the risk of cancer, depression, heart disease and diabetes. Also, with an insufficient amount of Vitamin D, your bones can become brittle, thin, or misshapen.

    Iron – If you do not receive enough iron in your body, there is the possibility that you will develop an iron deficiency or anemia. Iron is an essential nutrient because it carries oxygen to the body, supports the production of red blood cells, and maintains immune function, cognitive development, and temperature control.

    Magnesium – It is incredibly important to make sure that your body has a proper amount of magnesium. Magnesium plays a critical role in the body; it maintains muscle and nerve function, steadies heart rate, supports the immune system, and helps sustain a normal blood pressure. A deficiency in magnesium results in symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and migraines. You can find magnesium in foods like green vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, and unrefined whole grains.

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    The Best Supplements for Women Infographic




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