• Summer Herbs and Spices to Grow in Your Garden

    Check out the Summer Herbs and Spices to Grow in Your Garden Infographic below the article!

    As seasons change, herbs can grow with certain seasons, and there are many herbs that grow well in the summer. Not only do these herbs grow in the summer, they also have amazing benefits for your health. These herbs and spices will give you a chance to have something on hand in your herb garden to use for health benefits.


    Summer Herbs and Spices to Grow in your Garden photoMint is one of those summer herbs that helps you cool off and gives you a good, cleansing feeling after you use it. Mint is used to relieve many problems, such as insect bites and digestion.


    Cumin helps people digest food because it carries oil that activates our digestive system. It also helps with insomnia because it carries a relaxant that assists with melatonin production.


    Cinnamon can help lower blood sugar levels, and it is filled with antioxidants that reduce free radicals.


    Whenever you feel bloated, have gas, or feel the acid building up in your stomach, saffron can help. It coats the stomach and colon to help move those things out.

    Fennel Seeds

    Fennel seeds are great for relieving menstrual cramps. It also helps with your smile because it can actually take away bad breath and promote good oral hygiene.


    If you’re looking for an herb that helps you with your skin, coriander is a great one to turn to. Coriander is known to help with skin disorders, like eczema, dryness, and fungal infections. And it works with skin inflammations by helping to bring the swelling down and letting the proper components come in to restore and heal the skin.

    Here These are the herbs and spices that can grow and nourish you during the summer. Overall, they bring helpful benefits for our bodies and they make our food taste even better. They are some of our favorite things to use and grow. Comment and tell us about yours!

    Summer Herbs and Spices to Grow in Your Garden Infographic



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