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    Summer Herbal Teas Infographic

    Summer is just around the corner, and the weather is getting warmer. It is well known that herbal teas are great health boosters, but most people only think of hot tea when they think of herbal tea. Try something new this summer! Instead of hot tea, cool off with cold summer herbal teas that are both refreshing and good for youSummer Herbal Teas Image.

    First, according to Katherine Loeck in the article How to Brew Herbal Sun Tea from mothereathliving.com, to make your summer herbal teas, start with half a cup to 1 cup of fresh herbs in a canning jar. Add water, place on the lid, and shake. Set the jar in full sunlight and give it a few shakes throughout the day. Once the tea looks translucent in color, shake the warm mixture and strain the contents. Then your tea is ready to drink! Try these ideas from mothereartliving.com for some delicious fresh tea:

    • Chamomile with hibiscus flowers
    • Elderflowers with peppermint or yarrow
    • Hibiscus flowers with rose hips
    • Marigold petals with mint
    • Peppermint with spearmint
    • Sage with lemon verbena
    • Strawberry leaves with woodruff
    • Yarrow with peppermint
    • Rosemary with hibiscus flowers

    Like the idea of making your own summer herbal teas? Try these Herbal Iced Tea Recipes!

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    Now that you know the equipment you need to make tea with loose herbs, why not try it out yourself? To buy brewing equipment, herbs, teas, and more, check out my favorite herb supply site: Mountain Rose Herbs.


    How to Brew Herbal Sun Tea by Katherine Loeck

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