• Your Natural Remedy Travel First Aid Kit – Don’t Leave Home Without It!

    Don’t miss the Natural Remedy Travel First Aid Kit Infographic below!

    Whether you are going on a family vacation to Aruba or simply taking the kids to the park for a day of fun, having a travel kit of first aid products is a must, and making sure those products are natural remedies is all the better. Medicinal plants deliver a ton of health benefits and they are what scientists try to recreate in the lab. With these remedies, you can treat everything from bug bites to stomach aches to blisters, cuts, burns and even insomnia. It’ll ensure your trip is that much more enjoyable!lavender natural remedy first aid kit

    Colloidal Silver – This is an all around great natural antibiotic that simply can’t be left at home! It’ll fight infections and can be taken orally or externally. You can even put a couple drops in your child’s ear to heal an ear infection.

    Witch Hazel – With its astringent, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, this natural remedy can be used to treat most skin irritations and insect bites.

    Arnica Gel – This is the natural way to relieve sore muscles, sprains and bruises because it has anti-inflammatory properties and also stimulates circulation.

    Echinacea Extract – This natural remedy is known to boost the immune system when taken internally. It can also be used externally on burns and cuts.

    Aloe Vera Gel – The cooling and healing properties of aloe will soothe any type of burn, including sunburn.

    Lavender Essential Oil – Lavender has so many incredible uses. It is most popular for promoting sleep and relieving anxiety. It also acts as a bug repellent and can even relieve headaches.

    Ginger – This root does wonders for digestion, relieving stomachaches, gas and motion sickness. It can be purchased in tea bags, capsules or crystallized form. In a pinch, ginger ale with real ginger in it will also help.

    You can purchase these products in most pharmacies, super markets and online. Make sure to choose high quality products from trusted sources that use quality ingredients (organic is best). My favorite supplier is Blossom Spring. You can also make your own. Visit our Herbal Products page to learn how.

    Your Natural Remedy Travel First Aid Kit Infographic

    Now that you know which herbs to include in your travel kit, be sure to learn about which herbs you should stock your home medicine cabinet with! Read Rosemary Gladstar’s “Herbs for the Home Medicine Chest”.

    This book provides you with simple instructions on how to create your own healing teas, syrups, salves, pills, and baths to treat common ailments. Order here: amazon.com/gp/product/1580171567…


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