• Natural Remedies to Relieve Anxiety

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    Ever have that moment when you wander how you’re going to relax when a big event enters your life? It may feel like you just need to hurry up and do it no matter how stressed it makes you feel, but you need time to decompress and relax as well. It’s can be hard to stop thinking about the bad things or worry about what could happen, but it’s not impossible. There are some natural remedies that can allow you to breathe and take things one step at a time. Note: this may not be for everyone. If your case is more severe, be sure to contact your doctor to evaluate all of your options.

    Chamomile TeaNatural Ways to Relieve Anxiety Photo

    Chamomile tea is known to produce a calming effect. This is especially helpful when stressful situations come up, and you need something to help you calm down. It also can be used as a sedative because of its muscle relaxing effects.

    Green Tea

    Green tea is helpful for anxiety because it curbs a rising heart rate and blood pressure. As you feel the overwhelming sense of your anxiety come on, drink some green tea. It will help you to relax and be more focused. Green tea does contain caffeine, however, so don’t drink too many cups at one time. 


    Valerian can be used as a sleep aid, because it helps your body relax and drift off to sleep. If anxiety is causing you to stay awake worrying, valerian can provide the relief you need.

    Lemon Balm

    Like green tea, lemon balm provides a calming sensation that can help you relax and focus on your work. If your work is  stressful, you might want to try lemon balm to get you back on track so that you can accomplish your goals for the day.

    Lavender Oil

    Lavender essential oil is best known for its calming effect. Whenever a person inhales its pleasant scent, they feel relaxed almost immediately. Having this essential oil in your bag or on your person when you feel anxiety or when you need to relax, you can rub it on your hands, allow the scent to roll off your hands, and allow it to enter your nostrils. However, some people find it hard to focus after using lavender aromatherapy because it relaxes them too much, so if that’s the case for you, choose a time when you can best use it.


    These natural remedies are wonderful options to help with anxiety. Anxiety is hard to work with and can be a big cause for stress and depression. Use some of these options to help keep you calm and focused or to improve your sleep. Please comment and tell us how your experience!

    Natural Remedies to Relieve Anxiety Infographic



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