• Natural Remedies for Bruises

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    Bruises occur when a hit to the body breaks the blood vessels under the skin’s surface, damaging the soft tissue. While they usually heal naturally in about two weeks, there are natural remedies that can help bruises heal faster.

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    1. Ice or Cold Compress – One of the easiest natural remedies for bruises is to quickly apply ice or a cold compress to the bruised area. The faster you do this, the sooner you will reduce the swelling and it will heal more quickly.
    2. Arnica or Arnica Gel – Rub a tincture of arnica or arnica gel onto the bruise. According to drweil.com, this plant is great for treating bruises, sprains, or sore muscles.
    3. Bilberry Extract – Also stated by drweil.com, bilberry extract contains antioxidants that help reduce or eliminate bruising by “stabilizing collagen, increasing intracellular vitamin C levels and strengthening capillaries”.
    4. Vinegar – Another great natural remedy for bruises is to mix vinegar with warm water and rub it over the bruise. Vinegar increases blood flow, which will help fade the bruise.
    5. Parsley – According to the article How to Get Rid of Bruises from wikihow.com, take a handful of parsley leaves, crush them, spread them on the bruise, then wrap the area with an elastic bandage. Experts believe that parsley decreases inflammation and makes the bruise fade more quickly.

    Natural Remedies for Bruises Infographic

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    “How to Get Rid of Bruises” 

    Natural Treatment of Bruises – Dr. Weil

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