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    Our homes are filled with smells that sometimes may not always be the freshest. If you want your home to smell nice, but don’t want to use commercial air fresheners that may include harmful ingredients, try making your own natural air fresheners. Listed below are a few ways to combat those stinky smells that sneak into your home.

    Natural Homemade Air Freshener Ideas:

    Baking Soda and Lemon – Mix one-eighth cup of baking soda in two cups of hot water with a half-cup of lemon juice for a pleasant air freshener. Also, if your garbage disposal begins to smell bad, freshen it up by throwing a few lemon slices down and run the blades. A burst of lemon scent will be released.

    Coffee – If you enjoy the smell of fresh coffee, try setting out a few bowls of dried out coffee grounds around your home. If will battle those unpleasant scents with an aroma similar to a coffee shop!Natural Homemade Air Fresheners image

    Fresh Herbal Bouquet – Herbs make a great natural homemade air freshener and it’s an especially great idea for those of you who have an herb garden! Gather your favorite scented herbs into a small bouquet and place them in vases around your home. Replace the water before it starts to smell and discard dead flowers, otherwise you will just cause worse smells!

    Vinegar – To directly target especially smelly spots in your home, fill a spray bottle with distilled white vinegar and spray the troublesome areas. The vinegar smells strong at first, but as it disappears it takes the unwelcome odors along with it.  

    Vodka – The ethyl alcohol found in vinegar is the main ingredient in store-bought air fresheners, making it a great deodorizer for your home. According to the article “Making Your Own Natural Air Freshener and Oil Diffuser” from trueactivist.com, when vodka dries, it leaves no odor. However, you can enhance the smell with about 25 drops of your choice of essential oil.

    Aromatherapy – You can make an entire room or floor of your home smell like the essential oil of your choice by dispersing it into the air by using an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser.

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