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    Feeling sleepy or run down? It’s easy to become exhausted from day to day activities. But when you have important tasks to accomplish, it is crucial that you feel energized and alert. Instead of turning to that cup of coffee, try these natural energy boosters to give yourself a lasting pick-me-up.herbs for energy

    Ginseng – Often added to energy supplements, extracts from the ginseng root have been proven to fight fatigue.

    Spirulina – This alga has a powerful aroma, but it also has powerful effects. It is high in protein, vitamin B12, and several vitamins and minerals. Mix spirulina into juice or a smoothie, and you’ll be ready for the day.

    Cayenne – This spice acts as a natural energizer by improving circulation and boosting the immune system.

    Green Tea Extract – Green tea naturally contains caffeine, so taking this extract as a supplement gives you that boost of energy in a healthier and more natural manner than a cup of coffee or soda.



    Natural Energy Boosters

    Ginseng as an Energy Booster

    Spirulina as an Energy Booster

    Herbal Energy Boosters from Livestrong


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