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Faith M. Davis photoHi, my name is Faith M. Davis and my mission with this site is to provide you with enriching and helpful information about everything that has to do with herbs, including growing them, making your own herbal products, cooking with herbs and using herbs for healing and optimum health.

This site was born out of a lifelong interest in herbs and everything natural, and it has finally developed into a hobby. I am now growing my own herbs, making my own herbal products, and now with this site, I get to learn more and more and herbs as you learn right beside me. Come enjoy the journey with me! It will prove to be enchanting, enriching and invigorating!

Throughout this journey, I have come across and will continue to come across many products that are fun and often essential for the herb lover! I will share those products with you so that you may have the opportunity to use them if you choose. I will make a commission off of some of those products, but I will never promote a product that I wouldn’t stand behind. Although I do need to earn a living, I am not just in this to make money and I promise to provide you with information I can be proud of and that you will benefit from.

I hope to read many comments from you as you engage in the content I provide 🙂

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