• How to Use Smudge Sticks

    INSIDE: Discover how to use smudge sticks for your personal well-being and to cleanse your environment from negativity.

    Smudging is used for an array of reasons, and many people use smudge sticks for spiritual purposes. “Smudging” is a common name that originates from the Native American tradition of cleansing a person emotionally, mentally, and physically.

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    Smudging can help purify the soul and cleanse the negative energies from the body, an object or the environment. It is mainly useful when one is feeling depressed, angry, resentful, unwell, or has had an argument with someone. It is most common to cleanse yourself, others, and the space that you inhabit.

    Anyone who is on a spiritual path, such as healers, psychic readers, energy or light workers, etc. can attract negative energy, and smudging is a way for them to protect themselves. Naturally, in the world, as positive energy overcomes us, so can negative energy. These negative energies will attempt to hinder you and become more powerful. However, a smudging ritual will rid the negative energy and bring in much-needed positive energy.

    How  to Use Smudge Sticks

    Smudging is a practice of spiritual cleansing and blessing, involving the burning of dried herbs. Dried sage stems and leaves are bundled together and bound tightly into a smudge stick. When you burn a smudge stick, it produces a very cleansing and pleasant smoke. It is said that when you light a white sage smudge stick, the negative energy or beings will dislike the scent and flee from it. That is why it is used to cleanse and purify negativity.

    Stagnant or negative energy can have extremely detrimental effects on your mental and physical state and is believed to manifest into things like pain and disease. Unlike cigarette smoke, the sage smoke is actually beneficial to the lungs.

    Type of Herbs for Smudge Sticks

    The herbs that are commonly popular for smudging include white sage and sweet grass. The herbs are usually tied together and called a smudge stick. The smudge stick is considered very sacred and is treated with the utmost respect. There are different types of smudge sticks:

    • Sage Smudge Sticks – Sage is the most popular because of its smoke and because it can grow very easily in America.
    • Cedar Smudge Sticks – The cedar tree is a sacred tree that is believed to have healing properties, so it is very useful when used in smudge sticks.
    • Lavender – sometimes lavender is mixed into smudge sticks because it carries powers of protection and cleansing.
    • Sweet grass –Sweet grass is an herb that is used for blessing, rather than cleansing.

    How to Cleanse With Smudge Sticks

    Small objects also have a chance to be cleansed and purified of energies. Like us, objects can hold onto negative energies and thereby affect us, so with smudging, you can do the same burning process you would on yourself and say a little prayer for blessing and cleansing.


    When cleansing a house, all you have to do is get a white sage smudge stick, burn it, and wave it in the place that you want to cleanse. It’s the same with a person: simply move the smoke from head to toe and make sure you’re completely covered with smoke.

    Let us know how smudge sticks have helped you in the comment section. We offer smudge sticks that you can use to cleanse your house or yourself in our herb shop. Shop for smudge sticks here!





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