• How to Make Your Own Natural Sunscreen

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    Since the hot weather is starting to ravage our homes and towns, we want to make the best of the heat and go outside to do fun things with friends and family, but we must protect our skin! I love going outside and feeling the sun on my skin, but I HATE putting on sunscreen because it makes my skin feel gross and greasy or makes me breakout. That’s why I love making my own natural sunscreen – it feels great and is good for the skin.

    Most natural sunscreen ingredients incorporate oils that specifically take care of our skin, and we can use it to our advantage and protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun. These oils can consist of the following:

    • How to Make Your Own Natural Sunscreen photoCoconut Oil – it contains SPF properties that allow only a certain amount of the rays to touch your skin
    • Shea Butter – it naturally protects your skin
    • Jojoba, sunflower, or sesame oil – they easily enter and protect your skin
    • Eucalyptus and lavender essential oils eucalyptus also contains low SPF properties, and lavender helps to soothe and repair your skin
    • Vitamin E oil – it nourishes and moisturizes your skin
    • Zinc Oxide (non-nano) – it scatters and absorbs UVA and UVB rays in order to protect the skin

    NOTE: Nano zinc oxide is an ultrafine powder that is added to sunscreen and doesn’t leave a white film on the skin. However, the smaller the particles are, they can enter into the skin and cause potential health threats. So when looking for the product, look for non-nano zinc oxide that has particle sizes as large as possible.

    When Measuring Zinc Oxide for Your Sunscreen

    When deciding how high you want the SPF in your lotion, you have to consider how much zinc oxide to use in the sunscreen. Math will be needed in this part of the making of the sunscreen, but not all of it! So, let’s say you have 2 ounces of lotion, and you want SPF 10 sunscreen, you will add .2 ounces of zinc oxide to the lotion. Here are some suggestions of how much zinc oxide to use for your sunscreen.

    For SPF 2-5: Use 5% zinc oxide

    For SPF 6-11: Use 10% zinc oxide

    For SPF 12-19: Use 15% zinc oxide

    For SPF 20+: Use 20% zinc oxide


    1 oz. coconut oil

    0.8 oz. shea butter

    0.1 oz. jojoba, sesame, or sunflower oil

    0.1 oz. Vitamin E oil

    30 drops of essential oils

    Zinc oxide powder (determine amount for 2 oz, lotion)


    1. Add coconut oil, shea butter, and jojoba/sesame/sunflower oil to a pot.
    2. Heat gently until shea butter is just melted.
    3. Allow the ingredients to cool a little
    4. Put on a mask (that covers your nose and mouth to avoid inhaling the zinc oxide powder) and measure out your zinc oxide.
    5. Add the zinc oxide, Vitamin E oil, and essential oils
    6. Stir the ingredients together.
    7. Transfer ingredients into a jar and put it in the refrigerator to cool.

    You have made your sunscreen! Make sure you apply the sunscreen liberally to exposed skin and reapply it every few hours, or if you feel that it has come off from swimming or sweating. This sunscreen lasts for about 6 months and should be refrigerated when you’re not using it because it is photosensitive. Now, have some fun in the sunshine and protect your beautiful skin!

    How to Make Your Own Natural Sunscreen Infographic




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