• How to Make Herbal Moisturizer

    How to Make Herbal Moisturizer Infographic

    Skin care specialists continually emphasize the importance of moisturizing. That is because your skin needs hydration, and going without moisturizing is like going without water – you wouldn’t do it! Moisturizing will make your skin look beautiful now and will prevent aging in the future. However, store-bought moisturizers can be expensive and many contain unnecessary chemicals.

    Instead, try making your own herbal moisturizer right at home. Making your own herbal products is a wonderful way to save money and avoid synthetic ingredients that your body simply does not need.

    Hand and Body Herbal Moisturizer

    The following recipe about how to make herbal moisturizer is from www.greenprophet.com:How to Make Herbal Moisturizer Image


    • 1 cup water or strong, strained herbal tea
      (try herbs like chamomile, marigold, or lavender)
    • ¾ cup sweet almond, avocado, or olive oil
    • 3 tablespoons grated beeswax
    • 5 drops essential oil of  your choice


    • Standing blender or stick blender (for a stick blender, you will need a jar or bowl that can hold 3 cups)
    • 1 small jar for daily use
    • Small zip-loc or freezer bags
    • Rubber spatula
    • Double boiler or improvised double boiler (one smaller pot on top of a larger pot with water filled half-way up to the top pot)


    1. Add the beeswax and oil in the smaller pot
    2. Bring the water to a boil
    3. Lower the heat to allow the wax to melt
    4. When the wax and oil have mixed, remove the pot from the hot water
    5. Put the water in the blender, jar or bowl.
    6. Blend for a few minutes
    7. Add the wax/oil mixture to the water while blending
    8. Blend until the mixture is smooth
    9. Blend in the essential oil
    10. Cover the moisturizer with a clean cloth
    11. Cool the cream at room temperature
    12. Use the spatula to fill the small jar
    13. Transfer the rest of the moisturizer into the zip-loc or freezer bags and freeze

    Face and Body Herbal Moisturizer

    The following recipe about how to make herbal moisturizer is from www.petit-kitchen.com:


    • 1 tablespoon honey (optional)
    • 8 tablespoon grated beeswax
    • 200 ml almond oil
    • ½ cup rosewater


    • 2 small clean jars
    • Small saucepan
    • Small jug


    1. In the small saucepan, melt the beeswax and honey into the oil and remove from the heat
    2. Leave to cool
    3. Pour the rosewater into the small jug
    4. Add the rosewater one drop at a time
    5. Whisk between each addition
    6. Stop adding rosewater when the cream will not accept any more
    7. Stir for about a minute as the cream cools down
    8. Pour the mixture into the clean jars
    9. Leave to cool before placing on the lids

    With the easy recipes above, you can stop spending money on store-bought moisturizers that contain needless ingredients, and make your own herbal moisturizer!

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