• How to Make a Decoction

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    A decoction is made from the hard and woody parts of plants, such as bark, roots, twigs, nuts, and some seeds. It is similar to an infusion; however there is a different cooking process involved. Decoctions can be used for alternative medicine and herbal products. Read on to learn how to make a decoction, as provided by herbal-howto-guide.com.

    NOTE: Remember that decoctions are intended for working with the hard parts of plants. If you wish to use flowers, leaves, or soft parts, use the infusion method.

    How to Make a Decoction:

    Tools:How to Make a Decoction image

    • Non-metal cooking pot with lid
    • Quart jar
    • 1 ounce (or one cup) dried chopped herb
    • 4 cups clean water


    1. Wash the plant
    2. Chop plant into pea sized parts
    3. Place parts in cooking pot
    4. Add all water

    Hard Boil

    1. Turn heat up to high, quickly bringing water to a boil
    2. As soon as it starts boiling, cover pot and remove from heat


    1. Place pot on burner on low ( best if move it to new burner on low)
    2. Simmer for 45-60 minutes
    3. Do not take lid off during simmer

    Herbal-howto-guide.com gives a tip on deciding how long to let it simmer: if you can dent the plant part with your nail, let it simmer for 45 minutes. If you cannot and the part is hard as rock, let it simmer for 60 minutes.


    1. At the end of the simmer time, remove the pot from the heat (with the lid still on)
    2. Set aside for two hours

    Finishing Steps

    1. After two hours, transfer the preparation into quart jar
    2. Cover and let it set for 8-12 hours
    3. After 8-12 hours, strain the herb from the liquid and squeeze the remaining juice from the herb (if possible)
    4. Decoctions do not keep well; they can be refrigerated for about a day.

    How to Make a Decoction Infographic

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