• How to Keep Pests Away From Your Garden Naturally

    Annoying pests damaging your herb garden? There are a variety of methods you can use to keep them out of your garden without covering your plants with harsh chemicals. Read on for natural ways to repel pests, while ensuring your garden remains beautiful and plentiful.

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    Tips for How to Keep Pests Away From Your Garden Naturally:

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    1. Coffee grounds – Not only do coffee grounds add nitrogen add acidity to your soil, but various pests will be immediately deterred by them as well. For example, slugs and most deer cannot stand coffee.
    2. Strong scents – If you are having trouble with bigger pests such as deer and rabbits, introduce a strong smell into your garden. For example, put bars of scented soap on sticks and spread them around your garden, or use essential oils. Animals and most insects are put off by strong scents.
    3. Water – Shoo away bigger pests with “scarecrow sprinklers”, which are lawn sprinklers that have a battery-powered motion sensor. Anything that crosses the sensor will get sprayed with a blast of water, scaring them away from your garden.
    4. Aromatic Herbs – Similar to introducing strong scents into your garden, use aromatic herbs such as yarrow, citronella, mint, fennel, catnip, basil, and lemon grass to discourage pests from entering your garden. These herbs work best when deterring pests like aphids and beetles.
    5. Egg Shells – Egg shells are a triple threat when it comes to protecting your garden. They keep deer from eating your plants, they provide an unsafe passageway so little pests cannot get to your plants, and they act as a wonderful fertilizer.
    6. Cayenne pepper – Sprinkle cayenne pepper onto the soil of your garden on a regular basis to keep bugs away from your garden.

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    How to Keep Pests Away From Your Garden Naturally Image Infographic

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  1. Rick de Luna says:

    Big thanks Faith! Finally, I can get rid of those pests that keep on comming back to my garden. I will really apply these natural ways to keep those annoying pests. Worth a visit. Keep it up!

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