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    Yesterday we answered the question: Why Grow Organically? Now that you know why, you also need to know how to grow herbs organically. Although it is easy to use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides in your garden, these harmful chemicals have detrimental effects on the environment, your health, and the taste of your herbs. Learn more here: Why Organic is Better

    It may seem daunting to go organic, but if you follow the steps below on how to grow herbs organically, you’ll find that it isn’t so difficult after all.

    How to Grow Herbs OrganicallyHow to Grow Herbs Organically Herb Garden

    Planning Your Herb Garden:

    The first step in planning your herb garden is deciding which herbs you want to plant. Different herbs require different conditions. For example, you must consider climate, soil, sunlight, and exposure to the elements. It is also important to grow your herbs by type. Plant annuals during their season and perennials year round. If you have herbs that require special care, plant them in pots or containers so you can control their conditions or move them inside if needed.

    One easy way to decide which herbs you want to plant is to think about how you will use them. You may choose to grow medicinal plants for natural remedies, or culinary herbs for cooking. For culinary uses, plant herbs like cilantro, basil, chives, rosemary, etc.

    After you have determined which herbs you will use, you need to decide if you want use starter plants or seeds. Whichever one you choose, make sure they were grown organically.

    Planting Your Herb Garden:

    Once you are ready to plant your herb garden, enrich your soil with compost or other organic materials. Then, you can place your plants or seeds in your containers or right into your garden. Use mulch to control weeds and only use organic pesticides to put off insects or other pests.

    Hopefully this article has taught you more about growing your own organic garden. Learning how to grow herbs organically is the first step in creating a wonderful garden for you and your family!

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