• How to Grow Chives

    Chives are the perfect addition to your spring herb garden because they are hardy enough to thrive in both the warm and cooler temperatures that the spring may bring. Chives grow to be about 10-20 inches high and sprout beautiful pinkish-purple blossoms. Also, chives mix the sweetness of an onion with a hint of garlic that tastes delicious in various dishes. To learn more about herbs for spring, check out this article!

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    Learning how to grow chives is simple! They are easy to grow and maintain. Here are some tips to get you started:

    How to Grow Chives:how to grow chives image

    Landscape and Soil for Chives

    When learning how to grow chives, remember that they work well as a border plant in your garden. They like well-drained soil, so either add slow-release fertilizer or aged compost to the soil before planting.

    Planting and Spacing Chives

    For best results in growing chives, plant them in full sun. Chives do not grow well with other plants, so be prepared to do some weeding. According to organicgardening.com, plant clumps of up to six chive bulbs 5 to 8 inches apart.

    Harvesting Chives

    Not that you’ve learned how to grow chives, it’s time to learn how to harvest them. When pruning chives for use in your favorite dishes, cut them at about ½-2 inches above the soil. It is best to cut the plant from the outside of the clumps. If you are harvesting after the chives have flowered, cut the entire plant to remove the flower stalk.

    How to Grow Chives Infographic


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    Photo courtesy of KEKO64, freedigitalphotos.net

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