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    How to Make Vanilla Extract Infographic



    Make your own vanilla extract from pods

    Have you noticed that vanilla extract is extremely expensive? The reason for this is because growing vanilla beans are extremely labor intensive. You may not know that vanilla beans come from orchids and that each vanilla bean is hand pollinated. Not only that, but each flower only produces one vanilla bean pod 10 months after pollination and since the they only bloom for one day, farmers must time their harvest perfectly. Once that is done, there is an extensive curing process. Wow! You probably have a better appreciation for the cost of vanilla now, huh?

    The good news is that you can make your own vanilla extract at a fraction of the cost. Plus, making your own herbal products always allows you to ensure you are not taking in chemicals since many lower quality vanilla extracts contain petrochemicals and byproducts from he wood industry.

    Recipe for Vanilla Extract:

    1 dozen vanilla beans
    2 cups vodka

    make your own vanilla extract

    Cut the pods open, scrape out the insides and put them (the outer and inner parts) into a pint jar. Add the vodka, close with a lid and store for 4-6 weeks. This mixture will last indefinitely and just like wine, it improves over time.

    Now enjoy as you get much more creative with your vanilla extract uses. Vanilla is actually a medicinal plant that can be used to relive stomach aches, coughs, stress and even as an aphrodisiac. Try vanilla in your tea or coffee. Add it to cereal or oatmeal. Use it on chicken dishes. And of course in your desserts.

    This recipe came from one of my favorite herb authors: Rosalee de la Foret, who creates the best home made herbal products I know. 

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