• Health Benefits of Black Tea

    Health Benefits of Black Tea imageIt is undeniable that drinking herbal tea is beneficial to your health. While many people instantly steer towards green tea, the lesser known black tea is equally as good for you. Green tea and black tea are both made from a plant called Camellia Sinesis, however, black tea has a fuller flavor and principally has more caffeine.

    Listed below are the health benefits of black tea when consumed on a regular basis.

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    Top Health Benefits of Black Tea:

    Heart Health

    One of the key health benefits of black tea is the fact that it contains so many antioxidants that help control cholesterol levels and prevent damage to the blood stream and artery walls and lower the risk of heart disease. In addition, the flavonoids found in black tea improve blood flow and reduce the possibility of clots.

    Cancer Prevention

    While additional research is needed to prove the cancer fighting abilities of black tea, some research shows that the antioxidants such as polyphenols and catechins found in tea may help prevent the onset of certain types of cancer.

    Bone Health

    Research shows that due to tea’s phytochemicals, regular tea drinkers have stronger bones and a reduced risk of developing arthritis than non-tea drinkers.

    Digestive Health

    Black tea contains tannins, which have a therapeutic effect on the digestive tract. They reduce the possibility of intestinal illnesses and are known to help with conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome.

    Increased Energy

    Black tea contains low amounts of caffeine, but enough to give you a needed pick-me-up. Black tea aids brain function and alertness and stimulates metabolism. Unlike coffee, it gives you extra energy without over-stimulating the heart.

    Oral Health

    Oral health is one of the key health benefits of black tea. According to the Tea Trade Health Research Association, black tea decreases plaque formation and bacteria growth that cause tooth decay and cavities.

    Immune System

    Black tea contains several properties that improve the immune system. For example, as stated by the article 11 Benefits of Black Tea that You Didn’t Know About, by Vibha Dhawan, black tea has alkylamine antigens that boost immune system response. Additionally, black tea contains tannins that fight viruses such as the flu.


    Health Benefits of Black Tea Infographic




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