• Growing Herbs from Seeds

    If you want to start your own herb garden but do not want to buy expensive herb plants, try the cheaper alternative of growing herbs with seeds! To learn more about how to start an herb garden, visit: http://medicinalplantszone.com/herb-garden

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    Growing Herbs from Seeds

    To begin growing herbs from seeds, follow the steps below:

    1. Find a container with proper drainage. For instance, herbsociety.org suggests using the following:

    • Yogurt cartons. Punch holes in the bottoms for drainage.
    • Empty juice boxes. Cut the bottom of the boxes off and use the straw holes for drainage.
    • Egg cartons. Punch a hole on the bottom of each section.
    • Sour cream containers. Punch holes in the bottoms for drainage.
    • Small clay pots.

    2. Soak your container in a combination of 10% bleach and water and allow the containers to dry.

    3. Fill up your container to one inch from the top with soil.

    4. Wet the soil and let it sit for 20-30 minutes.

    5. Planting the seeds is the trickiest part of the process! Herbsociety.org gives tips on how to successfully plant your seeds:

    • Depth – Smaller seeds do not need as deep of a soil covering than larger seeds. Plant your seeds and cover them with enough soil for 1-3 times their size.
    • Light – Each specific seed needs a different amount of light. Follow the directions on the seed packet or consult a gardening book.

    6. Be sure to keep your seeds hydrated! Bottom watering is the best method to prevent seeds from drying out. To do this, place your containers on a tray of water. Leave them on the tray until the top of the soil is moist.

    7. Cover your containers with plastic wrap to preserve moisture. Do not wrap the plastic too tight or there will not be proper air-circulation. Uncover them about every other day to avoid mildew and give them air. Remove the plastic wrap once the seedlings start to grow.

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    Growing Herbs from Seeds Infographic



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