• Essential Oils for the Bath

    A soothing bath is a great way to unwind after a long day. By adding essential oils to your bath, you can release stress, relax your muscles, restore your body, and soothe your skin. Listed below are some of the best essential oils for the bath and why.

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    Top Essential Oils for the Bath

    Chamomile – Well known for its gentle calming effects, take a nice bath infused with chamomile before bed to relax and reduce tension.

    Jasmine – Unlike the other essential oils mentioned in this article, jasmine acts as a stimulant and aphrodisiac that lifts your mood and soothes your body at the same time.

    Lavender – Known for its pleasant scent and calming properties, lavender treats insomnia and is fantastic for nighttime baths. Also, as reported by beautyiswellness.com, lavender treats damaged, stressed, or irritated skin.Essential Oils for the Bath Image

    Neroli – According to the article The Best Essential Oils for Your Bath from beautyiswellness.com, neroli, which is extracted from orange blossom flowers, relaxes the mind and uplifts the spirit. Neroli soothes sleep and eases anxiety. So if you had a particularly stressful day, try adding neroli to your bath to release tension.

    Rose – This calming oil is uplifting and helps decrease tension and anxiety.

    Sandalwood – This oil is notorious for its calming properties and soothing scent.

    Vetiver – Taken from the roots of the vetiver plant, vetiver oil moisturizers the skin, making it a great oil to use during winter months when your skin is dry from cold air and indoor heat.

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