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    A culinary herb garden is a great addition to any gardener’s home. Growing your own fresh herbs is a simple way to enhance your cooking. Plant your garden where it is easy to access, like in your back yard or on your kitchen windowsill. Listed below are easy-to-grow herbs that you can use for a variety of culinary needs.

    Edible Herbs

    Basil – This is one of the most popular home-grown culinary herbs. It is a warm-season annual, so plant it after the last frost. When it is grown, cut off the flowering top to help new leaf production. It is best fresh, so include it in your dish at the Edible Herbs Imageend of cooking.

    Chives – As a perennial, chives produce edible flowers in spring and early summer. Chives can be grown from both seeds and plants. Use chives at the end of cooking or they will become bitter. Learn how to grow chives here.

    Cilantro – This herb grows quickly, so you can plant it both in spring and late summer. According to motherearthliving.com, the entire cilantro plant is edible, so this herb can be used in various recipes!

    Mint – Plant mint seeds or mint plants in the spring. It is a spreader, so it is best to plant in containers.

    Oregano – This herb can be grown outdoors or indoors. It can be grown in both hot and cold environments, but its flavor is strongest in summer. Learn how to grow oregano here.

    Parsley – This herb can be used in many culinary dishes, and it can act as a decorative garnish. Parsley is a biennial that can be grown outside or in containers.

    Sage – Not all types of the sage plant are edible, so be sure to grow garden sage, purple sage, tri-color sage, or golden sage. This perennial grows best in hot, dry climates. Learn about the benefits of sage here.

    Thyme – Although thyme can be grown from seeds, it takes a long time for them to germinate and sprout. It is easiest to grow thyme plants from divisions. This herb is great for adding flavor to meats and vegetables. Learn about the benefits of thyme here.

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