• Easy and Simple Way of Making Shaving Cream

    Check out the Easy and Simple Way of Making Shaving Cream Infographic below the article!

    Ladies, summer is here, and that means, off to the store to buy shaving cream and razors. It is so hard trying to find the best shaving cream for our skin because we all have different types of skin, and we each require specific care. Not only do we have that problem, we also want to find the right brand and price for the products.

    Some shaving cream advertises for sensitive skin, moisturized skin, or vanilla or raspberry fragrance for your skin. These qualities aren’t bad to have in shaving cream, but if you make your own shaving cream, you not only prioritize your own skin care, you also can include the ingredients you want and need to make your own shaving cream.

    Making your own herbal products can be so much much fun, and it is really rewarding to use products that you created. The following recipe came from www.modernhippiehousewife.com and it’s simple and easy. The ingredients contain herbal products that provide healthy benefits to your skin and body holistically. They allow the skin to clear and repair itself so that it reveals its natural beauty it.

    Easy and Simple Way of Making Shaving Cream photoIngredients:

    • Organic or generic oil (avocado, olive, almond, etc.)
    • Liquid, Castile Soap
    • Honey
    • Essential Oils (Optional)
    • Small squeeze or pump bottle


    • ½ cup of oil
    • ¼ cup of Honey
    • ¼ cup of Castile Soap
    • 10 drops of essential oils


    1. Combine ingredients in a bowl
    2. Rapidly whisk the ingredients until they fully emulsify (2-3minutes)
    3. Transfer into the bottle.


    The Benefits of Making Your Own Shaving Cream

    With this homemade shaving cream, you can apply it right away and see the results! The great thing about this it is that you don’t need to use much; you can use a penny size to a quarter size in your hand and then apply it to your leg. Also, you can keep the shaving cream for as long as you need and you don’t have to make it each time you use it. The perks don’t end there! Another benefits of having this shaving cream on hand is that it never expires. Those ingredients have a very long shelf life, so you can still save more money and spend less even though the ingredients are expensive.

    This is a very simple and easy process for making shaving cream. The products may cost you a lot of money; however, it will last for a very long time, it makes your legs look wonderful, and it’s worth it to see your body radiate its natural glow. Tell us how this product worked for you!

    Easy and Simple Way of Making Shaving Cream  Infographic



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