• Common Pruning Mistakes

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    Maintaining an herb garden is becoming more and more common, and in some ways, growing herbs is easy. There are several mistakes that new gardeners often make however.

    Mistake #1: Waiting Too Long To Prune

    Many people look at a small, new medicinal plant and think it would be too soon to begin pruning any leaves. The best way to trim many herbs, however, is to make your first trim when the plant is only 3″-4″ tall and trim the herb just above a set of growing leaves. This is because when you trim plants that way, two new stems will grow in place of the one you cut. That’s how you get abundant growth instead of tall, lopsided stems. Continue to trim your herbs this way every 3″ – 4″, while also making sure to leave some strong leaves untouched as well.

    Mistapruning mistakes new gardeners makeke #2: Pruning In The Wrong Place

    Most people think they should leave the new growth at the top and trim back the large leaves from the bottom of the plant. In reality, large, strong leaves provide power for the entire plant, so you want to leave them in place. Plus, the tender, new growth at the top is the tastiest part of the plant! Remember to prune just above a pair of leaves, because the point where the leaf joins the stem is where new growth will begin.

    Avoid these two pruning mistakes and your herb garden will flourish in no time!

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    Common Pruning Mistakes Infographic



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