• Common Herbs for Spirituality & Healing

    Food isn’t the only way to use herbs. They can also be very beneficial for enhancing your spiritual path and for healing the mind, body and spirit. People have commonly used herbs to treat illnesses and analyze how herbs benefit their health and lifestyle.

    Herbs for Spirituality and Healing

    Many years ago, herbs were used for medicine and magic, mainly because they are connected with nature and the universe. The ancients believed that all things were connected with nature and the universe, with each being comprised of the four elements (fire, earth, air, and water) and dual energies (male/female). Also, the human body was seen as a replica of our solar system, and with each body part, it symbolically represented a sign and a planet.

    Today, many traditional herbs have been put to the scientific test, and many have proven to possess remarkable, healing powers. Herbs are often proving to be effective and safe alternatives to dangerous and costly drugs.

    Here is a list of some herbs that are known for their spiritual powers…


    Aloe is known for its beauty and protection properties. It is used for treating wounds and maintaining healthy skin. It can be applied directly from the plant or through manufactured gel, and it is often used for soaps and creams as a conditioner.


    Basil is used to aid and strengthen love. It can be used as a tea to calm your nerves, settle your stomach, and ease cramps. It also promotes a healthy bladder.


    Bay carries wisdom and protection properties. It can be used as a poultice on your chest for bronchitis and chest colds.

    Cayenne Pepper

    Cayenne pepper carries healing, love, and passion properties. It is mainly used as a flu fighter. It promotes a faster recovery and helps stop internal and external bleeding.


    Chamomile’s magical properties include meditation incense for peace, protection, healing and prosperity. It is an excellent herb for calming internally and externally. It is good for digestion, fevers, and burns, and as an anti-inflammatory for wounds, and a sedative for nervous disorders. It can also relieve stomachaches.


    Cinnamon contains magical properties for spiritual quests, success, healing, and cleansing. It is recommended as a skin astringent and is a helpful digestive aid for diarrhea or general indigestion.


    Clove dispels negativity and gossip and is used for cleansing. It can be used as a mild antiseptic for toothaches when chewed or for colds when digested in tea form.


    Coriander’s magical properties are released when burning incense for protection of the home or for longevity and security. It can be used in love sachets and charms as well.


    Dill can be used in magic for love and prosperity and protection in work. It can help soothe your stomach and reduce gas. It can also increase a mother’s milk and help treat breast congestion from nursing.


    Garlic contains magical properties to help with speed, strength, and endurance, and to ward off evil. It is used to ease tension and improve circulation. It can disinfect wounds and soothe pain, especially rheumatic pain.


    Lilac carries magical properties for protection, beauty and love. It is used as a vermifuge and as a tonic anti-periodic and febrifuge.


    Mint is used for healing, strength, and augmenting power, luck, and travel. It can be digested in tea form, and can help with upset stomachs, flu, and to ease hiccups. It can also help with head colds, asthma, and headaches.


    Parsley is used in magic for purification and protection. It can treat cramps and ease urinary infections and arthritis.


    Sage is used in magic for wisdom, psychic awareness, long life, and protection. Sage Smudge Sticks are often used in smudging ceremonies to cleanse the surrounding energy. It can aid in digestion, and fight colds, fevers, and skin discomforts.


    Sunflower is great for growing in the garden to fight against pests, and it grants the best of luck to the gardener. Sunflower oil is an excellent moisturizer and is safer than most commercially produced skin lotions.


    Thyme’s magical properties include healing, psychic awareness, and purification. It helps to eliminate waste from the body and can treat whooping coughs, warts, rheumatism, and acne.

    These are some of the herbs that can be used for your spiritual path. They allow everything to come into balance when negative energy comes your way. If you want more, check out our spiritual herbs shop. And let us know what herbs you use for your spiritual path by commenting below!






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  1. Arjun Sharda says:

    Beautiful share of these herbs in the post. These herbs are effective to cure the health issues.

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