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    Smudging is used for an array of reasons, and many people use smudge sticks for spiritual purposes. “Smudging” is a common name that […]

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  • Common Herbs for Spirituality & Healing

    Food isn’t the only way to use herbs. They can also be very beneficial for enhancing your spiritual path and for healing the mind, body and spirit. People have commonly used herbs to treat illnesses and analyze how herbs benefit […]

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  • Health Benefits of Lemon Water

    When you wake up for the day, it’s important to start it off well so that you can have a pleasant day. Whether it’s yoga, some music, stretching, or just thinking good thoughts, it all helps to look forward to […]

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  • Natural Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair

    Having hair in places people don’t want is an embarrassing problem to have. Unwanted hair growth can be caused by an imbalance of hormones in the body, an irregular menstrual cycle, use of certain medications, and pregnancy. There are other […]

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  • What Herbs and Spices Go With What

    Having herbs and spices in your cabinet can help you feel open to experimenting and trying new flavors in your food, but it can be hard to know what kinds of foods go well with certain herbs and spices. While […]

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  • Herbal Supplements for Brittle Nails

    Trying to figure out how to strengthen your nails from their brittle state can be difficult. Brittle nails can come from these three main factors: aging, long-term use of nail polish, and frequent exposure to water. They can also be […]

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