More than ever, you can find three bins outside homes: trash, recycling, and compost. Composting is becoming increasingly popular because it is eco-friendly, reduces curbside garbage, and provides a great fertilizer for your herb garden. However, it is important not to compost the wrong items. Listed below are things you should never compost.

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Here is the What Not to Compost List:

Animal and human waste – These present too high of a health risk.What Not to Compost image

Bread products – Putting these in your compost is practically begging for pests to raid your compost.

Cooking oil – Animals and insects will mistake the smell of cooking oil for food, and it can upset the moisture balance of the compost.

Diseased plants – This will transport fungus or bacteria to your compost.

Inorganic materials – For example, do not compost pesticides, plastics, medicine, or cleaning chemicals.

Meat, bones, and milk products – These also attract pests.

Rice – Raw rice attracts pests, and cooked rice can produce bacteria.

Sawdust – Do not compost sawdust unless you know the wood was untreated.

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