A tincture is liquid form of concentrated herbal extracts. Similar to a decoction, a tincture preserves the properties of the herbs and increases their effects. Making your own tincture at home is easy and much less expensive than buying them from the store! We have provided the step-by-step instructions you need to know how to make a tincture below. Making your own herbal products is a fun way to nurture your health!

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The following directions on how to make a tincture comes from wellnessmama.com:

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  • Glass jar with lid (at least pint size)
  • Alcohol (vodka or rum, at least 80 proof)
  • Herbs of choice


  1. Pick what herbs you wish to use
  2. Fill the jar 1/3 to ½ full with dried herbs (½ makes the tincture stronger)
  3. Do not pack the herbs down
  4. Pour boiling water to dampen all the herbs
  5. Fill the rest of the jar with alcohol
  6. Stir with a clear spoon
  7. Put the lid on the jar
  8. Store the jar in a cool/dry place
  9. Shake daily for at least three weeks (and up to 6 months)
  10. Strain through cheesecloth (you can compost the herbs!)
  11. Store the tincture in clean jar

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How to Make a Tincture Infographic



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