Herbs For Stronger Bones

herbs that promote bone health

Medicinal plants are herbs that can be used to promote stronger bones. This can be especially useful if you have an allergy to milk because herbs can help ward off osteoporosis, just like milk does. Maintaining healthy bones has never been so tasty!

Common Pruning Mistakes

pruning mistakes new gardeners make

There are several pruning mistakes that new gardeners make because the right way to prune often seems counter-intuitive. Once you avoid these mistakes, however, your herb garden will flourish in no time.

Use Herbs and Spices Instead of Salt

Use spices instead of salt

Instead of adding more sodium to your diet by adding salt, try adding herbs and spices! You will enjoy the savory tastes and will not even miss the salt! Plus you’ll be getting tons of health benefits.

Make Your Own Herbal Products: Vanilla Extract

If you love vanilla extract, you will be excited to know that you can make your own! You’ll save money and enjoy deeper flavors. We’ve included some interesting information about vanilla, as well as a recipe to make your own.

Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon Stick are Healthy

Cinnamon is a medicinal plant that is considered by many to be a super power, holding tremendous health benefits. Learn what it can do for your health here.

Why Fertilize?

Why Fertilize

Especially in organic gardening, it is important to fertilize. Medicinal plants need nutrients and they get them from the soil. Learn how to provide your herbs with nutrient-rich soil.

Dandelion Tea: The Cancer Killer!

Dandelion for Cancer

Dandelion tea has been proven to kill cancer cells. One 72 year old man cured his cancer within 4 months by drinking dandelion tea and other cases and studies have proven similar results!

Herbs That Keep Mosquitoes Away

Natural Mosquito Repellent

If you’re tired of mosquitoes, but you hate the idea of spraying chemicals, there are natural solutions! There are many herbs that keep mosquitoes away, and are proven to be more effective than some chemicals. This post will give you an overview of those herbs.

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