Summer Herbs and Spices to Grow in Your Garden

Summer Herbs and Spices to Grow in your Garden photo

Check out the Summer Herbs and Spices to Grow in Your Garden Infographic below the article! As seasons change, herbs can grow with certain seasons, and there are many herbs that grow well in the summer. Not only do these herbs grow in the summer, they also have amazing benefits for your health. These herbs and spices will give you a chance to have something on hand in your herb garden to use for health…

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Easy and Simple Way of Making Shaving Cream

Check out the Easy and Simple Way of Making Shaving Cream Infographic below the article! Ladies, summer is here, and that means, off to the store to buy shaving cream and razors. It is so hard trying to find the best shaving cream for our skin because we all have different types of skin, and we each require specific care. Not only do we have that problem, we also want to find the right brand…

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Wellness Benefits of Raw Honey

Check out the Wellness Benefits of Raw Honey Infographic below the article! Raw honey is the unprocessed honey that contains all of the healthy vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that is normally removed from processed honey. Also, it doesn’t look the same as the normal, slimy, yellow honey that we usually see. It still comes with the pollen and chunks of the honeycomb in it, so it will be chunky and it kind of looks…

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Gardening Indoors as a Family

Gardening Indoors with Children

By Lauren Hill Check out the Gardening Indoors as a Family Infographic below the article! Children and gardens just naturally go together, but not everyone has the yard space to accommodate aspiring gardeners. Many of the parents I speak with about indoor gardening have little or no outdoor space at all. Indoor gardening is a wonderful family activity that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Some creativity is required to make and maintain house plants,…

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Natural Remedies for Earaches

Natural Remedies for Earaches Image

An earache occurs when the tissues in the ear become inflamed from an irritation or damage to the tissues. This can cause redness, swelling, heat, and pain, and may lead to an infection. Next time you or a member of your family feels ear pain, try the natural remedies for earaches explained below… Natural Remedies for Earaches Garlic Garlic is a natural antibiotic and is one of the most effective natural remedies for ear aches….

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How to Make Herbal Moisturizer

Herbal Moisturizer Image

Skin care specialists continually emphasize the importance of moisturizing. That is because your skin needs hydration, and going without moisturizing is like going without water – you wouldn’t do it! Moisturizing will make your skin look beautiful now and will prevent aging in the future. However, store-bought moisturizers can be expensive and many contain unnecessary chemicals. Instead, try making your own herbal moisturizer right at home. Making your own herbal products is a wonderful way…

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How to Grow Herbs Organically

How to Grow Herbs Organically Herb Garden

Yesterday we answered the question: Why Grow Organically? Now that you know why, you also need to know how to grow herbs organically. Although it is easy to use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides in your garden, these harmful chemicals have detrimental effects on the environment, your health, and the taste of your herbs. Learn more here: Why Organic is Better It may seem daunting to go organic, but if you follow the steps below on…

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Why Grow Herbs Organically?

Herb Garden- Why Grow Organically

It can be easy to grow herbs with the help of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, but that doesn’t mean it is the best solution. Growing herbs organically can be difficult, leaving many people to wonder why you should even grow herbs organically? Organic foods are growing in popularity because more and more people are realizing their great benefits. And if you have your own herb garden, then going organic is a wonderful way to reap…

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How to Grow Basil

How to Grow Basil

Check out the How to Grow Basil Infographic below. If you like using fresh herbs in the kitchen, then you should definitely add basil to your herb garden! This wonderful culinary herb is found in a variety of cuisines, and most notably Italian dishes. But not only is basil delicious, it is a powerful medicinal plant as well. For example, basil helps with heart health, skin health, the immune system, arthritis, and the gastrointestinal tract….

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Natural Remedies for Headaches

natural remedies for headaches image

Check out the Natural Remedies for Headaches Infographic below the article! Suffering from headaches is not fun. Whether it is just mild tension or an excruciating migraine, we all want fast relief, but popping pills each time isn’t the healthiest solution. Check out the natural remedies for headaches below so that you can get the relief you need without the harmful side effects of pain killers! Peppermint and Lavender Essential Oil For this remedy, all…

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Natural Bleach Alternatives

natural bleach alternative

We all want a clean home and fresh clothes and linens. One of the most common ways we do this is with the use of the household cleaner, bleach. While bleach is inexpensive and safe when used in the correct amounts, there can be certain risks that come with bleach. For instance, harmful effects of bleach include irritation to the eyes, throat irritation, respiratory irritation, and allergic reactions. Also, when bleach is manufactured, it produces…

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Making Tea with Loose Herbs

teas with loose herbs

Check out the Making Tea with Loose Herbs Infographic below! Most people choose to buy tea bags from the store to brew their herbal tea, but if you’re looking for a less expensive, healthier, and more flavorful alternative, try making your own teas with loose herbs at home. All you need is herbs, water, and an infuser, such as the ones listed below! Tea Brewing Equipment for Making Tea With Loose Herbs    Bamboo Tea…

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Health Benefits of Vitamin D

Health Benefits of Vitamin D image

What is Vitamin D? Vitamin D is known as the “sunshine nutrient” because it is produced when ultraviolet rays from sunlight hit your skin and begin vitamin D synthesis. Vitamin D is also synthesized in plants, fungi, and some foods. What are the Health Benefits of Vitamin D? The health benefits of vitamin D are vast and essential. Vitamin D is pertinent in maintaining normal levels of calcium and phosphorous in the blood and helps…

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How to Grow Oregano


Check out the How to Grow Oregano Infographic below the article! Culinary oregano is popular in a variety of cuisines, most notably Italian (who doesn’t love a little oregano on their pasta?), Mexican, and Spanish dishes. Oregano is unique because it is one of the few herbs that tastes better dried. Oregano has a strong, balsamic flavor that is both aromatic and delicious. It is a sturdy perennial herb with purplish or white flowers and has…

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How to Make Natural Deodorant

how to make natural deodorant

Body odor isn’t exactly a topic everyone wants to talk about; but more likely than not, it is something we’ve all experienced at one point or another. Yes, store-bought deodorants work just fine, but they aren’t the healthiest solution. If you’d rather go for an all-natural, safer, and more environmentally friendly alternative, try making your own deodorant at home. We’ll teach you how to make natural deodorant with these recipes! Make sure you check out…

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