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Tarragon is an aromatic medicinal plant that is widely known for its powerful flavor. It is considered a fine seasoning ingredient, and it is especially popular in French cooking. Both the leaves and stem of the plant can be used either fresh or dried. In addition to its wonderful culinary uses, tarragon has several health benefits. Check out the health benefits of tarragon below:

Antioxidant Properties

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Tarragon has potent antioxidants that help combat free radicals in the body. Free radicals can become harmful to your body and cause damage to your cells if your body cannot get rid of them as waste. If free radicals remain in your body, they can lead to certain types of cancer.

Appetite Stimulant

Tarragon contains chemicals that help increase appetite, which can be a health benefit if you have a poor appetite due to age or illness.

Digestive Aid

One of the best health benefits of tarragon is its affects on the digestive system. It is known to calm common digestive issues such as an upset stomach due to stress, irritable bowel, and dyspepsia.

Toothache Relief

According to, tarragon has a long history for being used to treat toothaches and was chewed by the ancient Greeks to numb the mouth. Tarragon gets its pain relieving effects from the high levels of eugenol found in the herb.

Health Benefits of Tarragon Infographic

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