Dandelion Tea The Cancer Killer Infographic

Dandelion is one of my favorite herbs. While it is often overlooked as just an annoying weed, dandelion happens to be one of the most incredible medicinal plants available with tons of healing abilities. And now, studies have indicated that it kills cancer cells. One study at Windsor University found that cancer patients whDandelion for Cancero drank dandelion tea were getting better, and when they analyzed the results, it was found that the dandelion focused in on the cancer cells and killed them, while it left non-cancerous cells alone. Chemotherapy, on the other hand, kills all cells.

Here’s a great article from CBC News: Cancer-Killing Dandelion Tea Gets $157K Research Grant

All parts of the dandelion can be used including the roots, leaves and flowers. In addition to helping treat cancer, dandelion has also been known to help with liver function, digestion, acne, bone health, weight loss and many other health benefits.

You can buy dandelion tea. My favorite brand is Traditional Medicinals. But for healing purposes, fresh is always best. Here is how you can make your own herbal tea using dandelion:

Easy Dandelion Tea Recipe:

Take one ounce of dandelion root and simmer in three pints of water. Continue simmering until the liquid is reduced by half. Strain and enjoy!

You can also enjoy teas made with dandelion leaves and flowers as well. Try several different varieties to find the mix you like the best. Also consider adding other herbs for flavor, such as peppermint.


Dandelion grows all over the place, but when you are harvesting dandelion, be sure to select only dandelions that are growing in a controlled area where no chemicals have been sprayed. Growing them yourself in your own garden is best or purchase them from a trusted source.

In addition to tea, dandelions can be enjoyed in salad as well. The leaves and flowers are edible and quite delicious.

Did you know you had such a powerful medicinal plant growing all around you?

There are so many medicinal herbs and plants out there that can be extremely beneficial in day-to-day treatments and help the healing process.

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