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What Herbs and Spices Go With What

Having herbs and spices in your cabinet can help you feel open to experimenting and trying new flavors in your food, but it can be hard to know what kinds of foods go well with certain herbs and spices. While you’re trying to figure out which ones you can use while cooking a steak, lasagna or other foods, these herbs and spices will get you started. Herbs and spices are often best when used with…

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How to Make Herb Butters

herb butter recipes

Looking for more ways to use herbs? Try spicing up butter – with herbs! Herb butters are easy to make, delicious, and pair well with a variety of meals. These recipes will teach you how to make herb butters in no time! Basil and Garlic Butter The following recipe is from “How to Make Homemade Herb Butter” from www.wikihow.com: Ingredients 1 tablespoon chopped basil 1 garlic clove, mashed to a paste Pinch of salt ¾…

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Cooking with Lavender – Recipes!

Lavender for Cooking

Check out the Cooking with Lavender Recipes Infographic below the article! Last week we posted some tips for cooking with lavender (read it here). Lavender has the potential to really add some variety to your cooking, so why not give it a shot? Read on for a few great and easy lavender recipes. Also, if you want to learn more fun recipes like the ones in this article,  Check out Desserts with Herbs here. Lavender…

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Cooking with Lavender

how to cook with lavender

Cooking with lavender can be tough to master. It is easy to use too much lavender and overpower your dishes. But when cooking with lavender is done right, the result is a wonderfully sweet and soft flavor. The tips listed below will help you become a skilful and proficient lavender chef. Be sure to view the Cooking With Lavender Infographic below the article. And if you are looking for some lavender recipes, click here. Buying…

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Basic Herbs and Spices to Keep on Hand

basic herbs and spices

Don’t miss the Basic Herbs and Spices to Keep on Hand Infographic below the article! Even the most basic herbs and spices make wonderful additions to your favorite culinary dishes. Every cook and baker should be sure to stock their cabinets with basic herbs and spices, no matter if they are just starting off, or are an expert chef! Here’s a quick tip when purchasing basic herbs and spices: herbs lose potency after about 6…

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Desserts with Herbs Recipes

Desserts with Herbs

We recently published an article called, Best Herbs for Desserts. If you liked the idea of herb-infused desserts, keep reading! This article provides the recipes for delicious desserts that add pops of herbal flavor. Why not try one out this holiday season? Motherearthliving.com provided the following desserts with herbs recipies, including pears poached with rosemary and chestnut whipped cream, three-seed cookies with citrus-flavored herbs, and chocolate ice cream with anise-flavored herbs. Pears Poached with Rosemary and…

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Best Herbs to Use in Desserts

herbs in desserts

Using fresh herbs in your desserts may be just what your recipes need! But how do you know what the best herbs to use in desserts are? According to motherearthliving.com, the herbs listed below work best with desserts. Don’t miss the Best Herbs to Use in Desserts Infographic below! Angelica – This herb has a woody, bitter flavor and is usually candied to decorate desserts. Basil – Adds a citrus or cinnamon flavor to desserts…

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Juicing with Herbs and Vegetables

Herb and Vegetable Juices

Herbs and vegetables are great for your body and come with a variety of health benefits. Juicing with medicinal plants and vegetables is a great way to treat your body with healthy nutrients. Listed below are some delicious juices to try! They can be used in juice cleanses or just as a refreshing beverage. Don’t miss the Juicing with Herbs and Vegetables Infographic below the article! Juicing with Herbs and Vegetables Cucumbers Cucumbers are 95%…

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Herbal Ice Cream Recipes

herbal ice cream

Summer has arrived! If you want to cool off with some delicious frozen treats, try making your own herbal ice cream. It’s a fun way to enjoy the deliciousness of medicinal plants! Listed below are two great recipes to try out this summer: Herbal Ice Cream Recipe #1: www.emelietolleyherbs.com provides the ingredients and steps to make this herbal ice cream: Cherry Ice Cream with Basil Ingredients 1 ½ cups ripe cherries, pitted and halved ½…

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How to Keep Herbs Fresh

keep herbs fresh

Check out the How to Keep Herbs Fresh Infographic below the article! Herbs are a great way to add flavor to countless recipes. But if you spend time growing or money buying medicinal plants, it is a real disappointment when they go bad. It is very common for herbs to wilt and rot before you get a chance to use them. If you are tired of this happening, try these tips on keeping your herbs…

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Anti-Aging Herbs

plants for anti-aging

Don’t miss the Anti-Aging Herbs Infographic below the article… Aging is an inevitable part of life. It can cause a range of effects, such as a decrease in brain health and immunity. Also, you may wish to preserve a youthful appearance without paying for painful and expensive plastic surgery. Instead, try these natural herbs to look and feel younger: Bilberry – Protects eyes against degenerative diseases and preserves vision by impeding damage to the retina…

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Use Herbs and Spices Instead of Salt

Use spices instead of salt

Instead of adding more sodium to your diet by adding salt, try adding herbs and spices! You will enjoy the savory tastes and will not even miss the salt! Plus you’ll be getting tons of health benefits.

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