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How to Keep Pests Away From Your Garden Naturally

keep pests away from your garden

Annoying pests damaging your herb garden? There are a variety of methods you can use to keep them out of your garden without covering your plants with harsh chemicals. Read on for natural ways to repel pests, while ensuring your garden remains beautiful and plentiful. Don’t miss the How to Keep Pests Away From Your Garden Naturally Infographic below the article! Tips for How to Keep Pests Away From Your Garden Naturally: Coffee grounds – Not…

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Growing Herbs from Seeds

herbs from seeds

If you want to start your own herb garden but do not want to buy expensive herb plants, try the cheaper alternative of growing herbs with seeds! To learn more about how to start an herb garden, visit: Don’t miss the Growing Herbs from Seeds Infographic below the article! Growing Herbs from Seeds To begin growing herbs from seeds, follow the steps below: 1. Find a container with proper drainage. For instance, suggests…

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Why Organic is Better

organic food benefits

You may sometimes wonder if organic products are actually better than non-organic products. Organic means that the food is grown without chemicals, such as fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides. It already sounds better, right? For more information, check out the list of benefits below to see why organic is better. Don’t miss the Why Organic is Better Infographic below the article! Why Organic is Better Risk of chemical contamination – The majority of crops grown…

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Edible Herbs

culinary herbs

A culinary herb garden is a great addition to any gardener’s home. Growing your own fresh herbs is a simple way to enhance your cooking. Plant your garden where it is easy to access, like in your back yard or on your kitchen windowsill. Listed below are easy-to-grow herbs that you can use for a variety of culinary needs. Edible Herbs Basil – This is one of the most popular home-grown culinary herbs. It is…

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Medicinal Plant Pollinators

Medicinal Plants Pollinator Bees

Pollinators are what makes most of the food we eat possible, and medicinal plant pollinators are no different. Bees are the number one pollinating insect and unfortunately they are at risk of becoming endangered. Learn why pollinators are so important and what you can do to help conserve them.

Common Pruning Mistakes

pruning mistakes new gardeners make

There are several pruning mistakes that new gardeners make because the right way to prune often seems counter-intuitive. Once you avoid these mistakes, however, your herb garden will flourish in no time.

Why Fertilize?

Why Fertilize

Especially in organic gardening, it is important to fertilize. Medicinal plants need nutrients and they get them from the soil. Learn how to provide your herbs with nutrient-rich soil.

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